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Reason.HotS takes 2nd at insomnia55

written by Nolan Mercer September 7, 2015

On August 25th, we announced that we had signed a Heroes of the Storm team to compete under the Reason tag at i55. The team captained by our former Infinite Crisis squad exceeded expectations by taking 2nd place at the event. It was a fairly small bracket with only about 7 teams competing for a prize pool of £5000. Reason.HotS was given the first seed and a bye round in the Quarter Finals, and would eventually face SSRCG in the semi-finals. After a quick 2-0, Reason.HotS found themselves in the Grand Finals against E-Girls of the Storm. A disappointing 0-3 loss would give them 2nd place, but £1000. They didn’t let 2nd place dampen their spirits though, after the final game they were already talking over what went wrong, what needs to change and how they can learn from this defeat to make them stronger in the next tournament.


Throughout the event this HotS team showed all the components of what we look for in our teams and so we are excited to announce that they will be joining Reason for future events. They already have their eyes set on the upcoming DreamHack qualifier which will really put them to the test.

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