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Introducing Reason Hearthstone

written by Nolan Mercer May 12, 2015

We are incredibly pleased to announce that we have officially branched out into the arguably the best card game to enter eSports, Hearthstone.

Please welcome our new Swedish based Hearthstone players, Simon “Lotus” Backlund¬†and William “Firrlo” Sj√∂blom.

lotus twitter.com/f1rrlo twitch.tv/firrlo

These two have played together for over a year, and have recorded wins in team leagues against Team Darkstar, and solo leagues against players such as ROOT Gaming’s Ostkaka, Team Archon’s Orange, Cloud 9’s Ek0p, and Nihilum’s ThijsNL. The duo recently competed in the ViaGame House Cup #3 Qualifier, both falling in round 4, unfortunately.

They will be attending DreamHack Summer 2015, along with our Heroes of Newerth team, to represent Reason Gaming for the first time on LAN.

You will definitely see more of our new Swedes in upcoming tournaments like ESL Legendary Series and the Kinguin KPL, so stay tuned and keep your eyes open for more announcements and Hearthstone related content.

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