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Waving Goodbye to Smite

written by Archived Data November 15, 2013

After a long history in the game and a firm spot as one of the top names in the scene, it is with regret that the North American Smite team have opted to part ways with us here at Reason Gaming. It’s been a rollercoaster ride since we stepped in the Smite scene back in mid-2012 as one of the first competitive Smite teams. Throughout the history of Reason Gaming Smite, we’ve seen fifteen different players come in to the team and in the end, we were left with five.

The team represented us through many events, including the recent PAX Prime event where they took fourth place, as well as a large number of the weekly tournaments hosted by Hi-Rez Studios. The team and the organisation have had a good relationship, and we part ways with them on good terms. We wish the team every ounce of luck in their future developments as a self-sufficient team and hope they continue on the upward trajectory that they’ve found themselves on.

The SMITE iteration that attended PAX


Josua “Tocketty” Romroth, former midlaner, gave us the following departing words:

“We’ve decided to drop the RG tag and go our own ways. With recent drama in the Smite community and in hopes of growing ourselves as friends and a team, we thought this would be a good decision. Reason Gaming has been a great organization to work with for the past 5 months by allowing us to dip our feet into the giant e-sports pool at PAX where we could realize that this isn’t just a game. It could be our job in the near future.”


RG Smite were:

Raymond “PeccYz” Pecci

Evan “Snoopy” Jones

Josua “Tocketty” Romroth

Kieran “Funball” Patidar


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