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Two new plays for Reason SMITE

written by Archived Data February 4, 2013

With the recent departure of Lassiz and MattyPocket from our US Smite team,  the team have been busy searching the scene for the right replacements to fill the holes that were left. After trailing a handful of people, the team found 2 strong players to take on this challenge, Julius “EMC” Lukosius  and Aleks “RXK” Nikolic

 We have the following statements from the new players about joining Reason Gaming, and “Hero“, the team captain about these recent changes in the lineup.


Kevin “Hero” Burt, team captain:

The Reason Gaming Smite team is happy to welcome two new members into the organization. RXK has proven to be a great fit for midlane with his map awareness and ability to make quick decisions. EMC, while new to the support role, has shown that he can hold his own and is a valuable asset to the team. Both new team members have fit right in with the guys and the overall team dynamic has never seemed better.


Julius “EMC” Lukosius

How do I feel joining the team? I feel very good, I know Wolfy, Keyadrel and Hero for a bit now. I’ve been looking for a team for a long time now and finally I’m here, with Reason-Gaming! Really looking forward to do more practice, more scrims and then finally do some real tournaments!


Aleks “RXK” Nikolic

I am ecstatic to be joining the ranks of Reason Gaming. When first approached to play Mid Lane for the new lineup I already understood that I would be working with the most dedicated and enthusiastic minds in Smite. In my short time with the team I have already evolved leaps and bounds as a person and a player. My experience thus far has been nothing short of fantastic and I cannot envision the future for Reason Gaming to be anything but bright.

The new look Reason SMITE is:

Kevin “Hero” Burt

Justin “Wolfy” Colon

Fred “Keyadrel” Dube

Julius “EMC” Lukosius

Aleks “RXK” Nikolic



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