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Starcraft 2 Team!

written by Archived Data October 28, 2013

As we have recently revealed, we have be jumping head first into Starcraft 2. To go about this we have recruited a management team with broad knowledge of the game and scene to enable us to get the most suited players for Reason Gaming. They have been hard at work over the last couple of weeks putting together this team.


Our Starcraft 2 management is:

Stephen “Biggus” Rennick – Manager – Aged 24 from the UK
Sam “SyStem” Yates-Smith – Co-Manager – Aged 29 from the UK

And now for the players: 

Jökull “Kaldi” Jóhannson – Aged 20 from Iceland. Currently Grandmaster NA & High Mater EU.
Michal “Miszu” Słomczyński – Terran – Age 19 from Poland. Currently Grandmaster NA & High Master EU.
Tim “DeLiver” Lohr – Terran – Aged 16 from Germany. Currently Grand Master.
Michal “Fruttis” Tomaszewski – Terran – Aged 18 from Poland. Currently Grand Master EU & NA.
Florian “ImpacTius” Heinrich– Protoss – Aged 17 from Germany. Currently High Master.

The 6th member of the roster, who will also be doing some casting is:

Niklas “Sev” Aberg – Zerg – Aged 24 from Sweden. Currently Masters.

Biggus had these words to say about our new team:

I chose these players as I feel they have all got the potential to take it to the next level. Add in the motivation and support that we will be giving them we should see some LAN results. Going forward we hope to achieve good results in the various team leagues we enter, along with online cups and tournaments”


Plutonyx on behalf of the management team had this to say:

“Reason Gaming are really happy with the motivation in starcraft 2. Stephen has built such a strong team in such a short time, each player shows great potential and has the ability to represent reason gaming for a long time to come.”


We welcome the team with open arms and wish them all the success in their new future under the Reason Gaming name! Make sure to follow us on twitter, tune into the players streams and keep up to date with the teams progress.

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