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[R]SC2 In Action!

written by Archived Data September 19, 2011

Since becoming an active part of Reason Gaming the German Duo have been run ragged as they have had to fit in practicing on ladder, playing in tournaments online and also trying to find more players who tick all the right boxes to play for Reason.  


Alexander ‘kauP’ Hahn has been extremely active this week, concentrating on fitting in 30 games of pure practice on ladder aswell as managing to compete in tournaments such as The GIGABYTE Tournament and the GameCreds cup knocking out household names along the way.  In the GIGABYTE Tournament Alexander defeated dignitas/Bischu and also Rage Gamings Cytoplasm before being knocked out by the GrandMaster Terran Yoigen.  Before the GameCreds cup, Alexander was quietly confident of a reasonable finish in this cup, this way before being placed against the fan favourite Nerchio who is taking the world by storm at the minute.  Even though the game was close and drawn out, the Polish mastermind managed to bring his experience to the table and came away with the win after a sweeping counterattack. 

AvD has also been a busy man this week, even though he’s been very ill he has managed to put aside alot of time to try find new talent for Reason to work with.  Even though we can’t give anything away at the minute about who might be joining the Reason ranks, keep an eye our forums aswell as twitter and facebook for information on an upcoming SC2 tournament that AvD has been working on putting together with a fantastic prize for the winner!


Alot going on and make sure you keep visiting our forums for more information!!

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