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Review: Fnatic vs Reason (Group C)

written by Archived Data March 15, 2014

The game started on de_inferno with Fnatic being terrorists. By pushing apartments and long hall to gain control over bombsite A, Fnatic gets Reason where they wanted them. LOMME is now the only counter-terrorist left, while Fnatic pushes towards bombsite B. They get the plant down, and LOMME tries to spot the terrorists on site – get a kill on Devilwalk, by then getting murdered by pronax making it 1:0 in favor of fnatic.

Reason manages to take their first round home, with three quick kills after fnatic rushes banana by Karrigan, Friis and smF. Fnatic pushes up and gains control of the bombsite, but after a kill by EXR making it a 1v1 with Friis and JW – Friis pulls his deagle out and shoots JW down to gain their first round. During the rest of the first half, Fnatic and Reason is fairly even – but Reason puts an end to the madness and gain fully control – making the first half 11:4 In Reasons favor.

(The team during the game – Courtesy of HLTV.org)

In the second half, Reason starts the gun round out by rushing banana – which was a bad idea, since three Fnatic players are ready at the entrance, taking home the second gunround aswell. In the second round the terrorist manages to get hold of bombsite A, and planting the bomb – Fnatic rushes the site and kills three players, but EXRs deagle and smFs famas is doing enough damage to take the second round home – making it: 12:6 in favor of Reason.

The terrorists gain another 3 rounds, making it 15:7 – but Reason loosens their grip of the game, by letting Fnatic pick up additional 5 rounds, before putting fnatic in the grave. End result: 16:12 – Reason Gaming wins their first game in Group C.

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