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Review: Dignitas vs Reason Group C

written by Archived Data March 15, 2014

The match against the last two Danish teams in the tournament was played on de_inferno, a map that has become popular amongst the pro players, during Katowice. During the first gun round, Reason pushes up at street while spotting dupreeh in apartments. The terrorists runs up upon a not defended patio to gain control over bombsite A, the plant goes down when in the mean time Dignitas rushes towards the bombsite to regain control. Karrigan gets shot while he’s standing at graveyard, left is EXR and smF – who sadly can’t hold up against three CT, but as Xyp9x hasn’t got the defuse kit – the time runs out and the first gun round goes to Reason Gaming.

(Friis and Karrigan after one of their final rounds – Courtesy of HLTV.org)

During the next couple of rounds, Reason Gaming tries different tactics. But after the first three rounds, which went in favor of the terrorist side – Dignitas gains control after a weapon purchase. Reason can’t simply make and end of the madness, and Dignitas quickly gain rounds – making the first half go to Dignitas with the scoreline 10:5.

In the second half, Dignitas pushed up quickly at banana to take down Karrigan and EXR standing ready to defend. The bomb gets planted, and Reason can’t find the weak spot. Making it 11:5. After we passed 13:6, Reason gaines additional 2 rounds – which will be the last rounds and CTs can pull off. Dignitas proves that their hard training paid off.

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