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Reason welcomes female CS:GO team

written by Archived Data September 14, 2012

Along with the birth of a new era of online first person shooters comes a variety of tournaments and opportunities for those wishing to push to new heights within eSports. It is for that reason that we have decided to extend our support to an all-female Counter-Strike: Global Offensive side in order to aid them in becoming not only one of the best teams amongst their female competitors, but also a well-respected CS:GO team within mixed competition.

With the hopes to attend the ESWC female tournament that lies just around the corner, the team have already begun practicing to ensure they are on top form for the competition. The line-up consists of players from a plethora of countries and backgrounds, including two former Infused members, two former Crystal-Serv players and the fifth and final member coming from team Nonpareil.

Abigail “Abiii” Glover had the following to say:

“We are very excited about being a part of the revival of Reason Gaming and we’re very thankful for this amazing opportunity of becoming the Reason CS:GO female team! We are very passionate and driven about moving forward and progressing in the new CS:GO title. We are all fiercely motivated to become a respected CS:GO team.

We are looking forward to participating in some of the tournaments and LANs that the CS:GO community will have to offer, hopefully our first stop will be the ESWC Female CS:GO tournament, which we would really like to have the chance to participate in.

We would once again like to thank Reason Gaming for giving us this amazing opportunity and their support – we’d also like to thank the sponsors who will be supporting us.”


RNR-eSports managing director Adam Heath added:

We are very excited to announce this all girls line-up under the Reason name. After the recent success Abiii and Kaat had at I-Series playing for Team Infused, and the calibre of players they have found to form this team, we are confident they will excel in the CSGO scene, in both female only and mixed events and competitions. We wish them the best of luck and look forward to them proving us right!


 Reason CS:GO Female:

 Abigail “Abiii” Glover 
 Kaat “Kaat” Vanhulle 
 Anita “aNi-” Lok 
 Mathilde “Sephi” Koenig 
 Sonia “Salah” García 

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