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Reason vs. NiP Preview!

written by Archived Data April 8, 2014

On Thursday, our League of Legends team will be going up against NiP in the live EU Challenger Series Semifinals! 

The EU Challenger Spring Playoff Semifinals will be action packed this week with Reason Gaming taking on Ninjas in Pyjamas. Reason has been playing well these past few weeks, taking down Mousesports in the quarterfinals 2-1. A win in this match would mean a spot in the EU LCS Summer Promotion Tournament.  However, even if Reason does lose this match against NiP, they will have another shot to make the tournament in the 3rd place match against the loser of Cloud9 Eclipse and Denial eSports.  In our last two bouts against NiP, they have had the edge in both matches. However, Reason’s recent performance has shown that they are also a force to be reckoned with in the EU Challenger scene.

This match on Thursday will be a best-of-three and I expect it to be very intense and close. The player to keep an eye on from NiP will be Nukeduck. Being a former LCS player, Nukeduck undoubtedly has the skill and experience to compete, but his aggressive playstyle will definitely be a focal point for NiP. On the side of Reason Gaming, the player to watch will be Trashy. His champion pool reflects his play style very well: all-out aggression. With picks like Kha’Zix and Wukong, Trashy is known to be the catalyst for Reason Gaming whenever they win. 

I expect excellent play from both teams and the winner will definitely deserve the spot in the LCS Promotion Tournament.

The game is scheduled to begin on Thursday at 7.30pm CEST live over on www.lolesports.com, so remember to watch and show your support!

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