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Reason Smite: Favourites to win

written by Archived Data September 23, 2012

Before Smite even gets out of Beta, Reason SMITE are entered into the first prize tournament, and are many people’s favorites to win. Less than a week after joining Reason Gaming the US team have it all to play for as this tournament gives them a good bases to engrave their name into the minds of Smite fans all over the world. MOBA games have really taken off in eSports over the past few years, and Smite will be no different, with gameplay and visuals different from games like LoL and Dota2, it will be interesting to see how these teams compete in a game, which is still in beta.

All the details for the tournament can be found at the WOGL site here: http://www.wogl.org/forums/sm-general-discussion/39915-smite-beta-tournament.html#post318568



Director of smite at WOGL, Steven Cooper had this to say:

“We are very excited for today’s tournament. The brackets came out very balanced in our opinion, and sets us up for a very competitve tournament. Good luck to all the teams and have fun.”


The event will be being streamed by our very own Daniel “Fixy” Fields, who is one of only six people in the world to have access to the spectator mode, you can follow the stream here: http://www.twitch.tv/FixySLN at 6:30pm GMT. With only 6 people in the world being able to stream this game, there is no better place to follow the Reason team’s progress than here so be sure to tune in.



Fixy gave us this statement:

“As a fan of Smite, eSports, and the MOBA Genre, I am VERY excited to see Smite get it’s very first Prize Pool Tournament.

The way I see it, this will be a milestone for eSports, Smite, player AND FANS…as we continue to see this game grow beyond everybody’s wildest expectations.”



 Finally we have a statement from team captain Kevin “HeroGG” Burt: 

“Okay, so coming into our first tournament that actually sets a milestone within the SMITE community is nerve wracking for me; however my team seems very confident. We’re going into the tournament with the mindset of “don’t underestimate anybody, anything can happen.” We know that the third round is going to determine who will win the tournament in our bottom bracket, it’s just getting past that third round so that’s what will really count. We weren’t able to practice at all for this tournament, people had personal problems and we just couldn’t really get anything going. Even as unprepared as we are right now, I’m still fairly sure we will come out as the winners.”


This is certainly an event to tune in to, this is Reason Gamings chance to get a foot inside the Smite top team’s door before the game is even released. We wish the best of luck to Reason Smite and will be watching with anticipation.


Reason SMITE:

 Kevin “HeroGG” Burt (Captain) – Twitch.tv/ilyhero

 Justin “Wolfy” Colon – Twitch.tv/Competitive_Online

 Drew “Lassiz” Boyd – Twitch.tv/Lassiz

 Fred “Keyadrel” Dube – Twitch.tv/Keyadrel

 Matthew “MattyPocket” Paquette – Twitch.tv/MattyPocket

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