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written by Archived Data August 1, 2011


We 3 weeks ago opened threads in various LoL communities, asking for questions for our LoL team, now, the team has answered the question and you guys can have a look at what they had to say:

How long did it take for you guys to play on the top level and what are you going to head for with this team? 

We have all been playing league of legends for 1-3 years, many of us having spent time in various top teams, and it’s a combination of these experiences that will allow us to stay at the top.

Reyk, after a long unsuccessful period with Game.de you guys splitted, although your lineup was good, so do u think the switch to Reason Gaming is an “skill” improvement ?

Gamed!de had its ups and lows, I definitely will retain positive experiences from it, top teams all have good players and the variation in skill is very low from team to team, what matters is personalities, they just have to click to keep a team healthy.

Other teams on your level have been playing  for a much longer time together so they are probably more improved in playing together, knowing each other abilities and how they react in team fights. Do you think you trained enough and extensively to get known of your teammates to reach the level of team play other teams have already?

We are making phenomenal improvements on our team gameplay on a day by day basis, and we will keep training hard to catch up those other teams who have a slight head start.

What are you’r current goals/what would you like to achieve in the near future? 

We are committed to participate in as many events as possible to improve our gameplay and get as much quality time playing against other top teams. We want to establish our team name as a strong one in the league of legends scene.

Do you think that your team could be a serious contender to the Season 2 finals? 

The season 2 finals are in 1 year, we will have certainly improved a lot by then, we won’t answer up a head, but I can certainly say that being in the season 2 finals is on our goal list.

Reason Gaming are a pretty legendary organization, do you think your current squad has the potential to live up to the Reason name?

The results come with hard work. It’s those results that will truly show our commitment towards our organization.

Who is your favorite player and why?

Nobody can agree on a favorite player, we have a lot of love and respect for our fellow top players; it’s hard to pick just one. All have unique play styles that make them interesting to watch on stream.

What’s your future plant as a team guys?

Our Future plans is to establish ourselves undoubtedly as a top 5 European team, and win big offline events.

When it comes to practicing for both online and offline events, what do you feel is the most efficient way to train and why?

We do a healthy mix of individual training and team training on a daily basis. Sometimes even repeat mechanical skills to exhaustion. Training is all about being innovating and having fun, as long as those wield results.

In what kind of ways is Reason the organization helping the team out?

Reason-gaming supports us fully in whatever we need, whether it is with gaming gear or offline events expenses, and more.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned to reason-gaming.net for further ocverage of our teams and players.

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