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Reason.HoN invited to NASL Season 2

written by Archived Data October 1, 2011

It was yesterday announced that Reason-Gaming is one of the selected teams to participate at the HoN Tournament in NASL Season 2, which will feature a total prize pot of 40,000 $, with the regular season starting on October 5th.

Some of the other selected teams include the DreamHack Summer 2011 winners Fnatic.MSI, and the recent winners of the Lions HoN Quality Cup from Complexity.

NASL took the time to write a team profile at their website for our HoN squad, which reads:

¨If there’s a dark horse in this tournament, Reason Gaming has to be the number one choice in most people’s minds. Known for upsets in the past, Reason sports a very solid line-up and is capable of taking down any team in this tournament.

The first name that comes up when you look at Reason is the solo mid player Giftig. He’s known for his dominating Valkyrie but excels in the middle lane in general, giving his team a solid start to every game regardless of the match-up. The rest of their line-up is excellent as well, featuring Strangby as the main carry, backed up by the excellent play of eresloco, Hmmmpz and Brodholm. Reason has also enjoyed a good degree of stability within their organization which has resulted in a lot of team chemistry and coordination to build up.

The team took second place at Dreamhack Summer back in June, losing to MSI in the finals. Since then, they’ve endured a bit of a slump and despite getting deep into several tournaments and qualifiers, have failed to capture any victories. However, on the big stage of NASL, Reason will surely be looking to silence their doubters and once again put their stamp on the Heroes of Newerth scene.¨

Stay tuned to reason-gaming.net, as we will be updating you guys with the latest news regarding our team performances at NASL Season 2.

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