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Reason Gaming part ways with Counter Strike:Source team

written by Archived Data January 27, 2012

Today is a sad day at Reason Gaming as we have to say good bye to our Danish Counter Strike Source team after nearly 6 months of cooperation, where the team managed to achieve great results both online and offline, coming a long way since we picked them up, turning into one of the best team Europe and Denmark have to offer.

Under our wings the team managed to qualify and attend ESWC 2011 where they managed to take a 5th-8th position, apart from this, the team managed to win Gaming4Life and also managed to take a 2nd place in the Gaming.dk League, not to mention the team just recently managed to reach the EMS Season IX finals.

Ben Dalloway, general manager of Reason Gaming had the following to say about the move:

“Today is a bad day at the office, as we have to say goodbye to our Counter Strike: Source team. After a busy and expensive 2011 Lan season, we couldn’t give the team the backing they deserved in 2012, so the decision that the team leaves Reason is a mutual one and we part on good terms.

Ever since joining us the guys have been nothing but professional, hard working and committed, and I urge any organisation looking for a top quality team to bare these guys in mind.

I would like to say a big thanks to each member of the team, and especially their awesome manager Frederik. Best of luck in the future guys.”

Nicolai “Hunden” Petersen also had some words regarding the departure of his team:

“Today is a sad day for us as a team, as we have to leave one of the best organizations out there. We will no longer be a part of Reason Gaming, and it is not because Reason did anything wrong, but the circumstances at this moment leave us with no choice.

I will leave the exact Reasons for dallow to tell, a committed friend we would like to thank very much for the past six months. It has been a great time for us and working with dallow made it even better.

We will finish ESL Major Series with Reason Gaming, but that’ll probably be the last time we’ll see the Reason tag in front of our nicks. Thanks for the time and great support, dallow, Reason & Razer.

We as a team will stay together under the name unu (u need us). We are looking for a new organization that can fulfill our needs in 2012. If you feel you got what it takes to support one of the best teams in Europe, you can contact our manager at mail@frederikbyskov.dk or Skype: f.byskov – thanks.”

All we can do now at Reason Gaming is wish the team the best of luck in their future endeavors, and hope they find a suitable home for 2012, as we believe they have the potential to reach the top of the European scene.

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