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Reason.DotA2 to play in Infused Cup

written by Archived Data January 11, 2012

British organization Infused announced today their first ever DotA 2 cup, which is a part of their new Infused Cups website.

The tournament will take place on January 28th and 29th and will see a total of 32 teams participating, with 14 of those teams already being confirmed, including DotA 2 giants like SK-Gaming, Fnatic.MSi and Mousesports amongst others. Commentary will be provided by Luminous and TobiWan.

For a list of confirmed teams check below:

SK Gaming
Team Dignitas
Team Infused
It’s Gosu eSports
Team Shakira
Turtle Mix
Reason Gaming


1st- 5x Club3D Radeon HD 6850, 5x Shock Spin Headset, 5x Theron Mouse and 5x White Ra Mousepad

2nd- 5x Shock Headset, 5x Black Mouse  and 5x Conkor Mousepad

3rd- 5x Azures Mini Mouse, 5x Dasher Mousepad and 5x Battler Dragon Bag

Stay tuned to reason-gaming.net as we will bring you further coverage from the event.

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