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Reason.CSS ranked #7 in EU by Cadred

written by Archived Data September 8, 2011

Cadred.org have released their monthly CSS rankings as voted by the players from the previous months top 10 and a group of 5 community experts.

The Cadred European Top 10 for August is as follows:

1.  Verygames
2.  mTw
3.  Virus Gaming
4.  LDLC
6.  Epsilon
7.  Reason Gaming
8.  Team Sypher
10.  cotch

Our new team are placed in a solid 7th at the moment, their first task is to try and topple CKRAS as the #1 Danish team at the One Night In Copenhagen Lan this month. Then they will look to place well at ESWC to move further up the rankings.

To view the experts comments and views from the community head over to Cadred.

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