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Reason.CSS ranked #5 in EU by Cadred

written by Archived Data December 13, 2011

Cadred.org has released their November installment of their monthly top 10 ranking where we can find our Danish CS:S squad placed in the 5th position, remaining in the same position as last month.

The top 10 for November looks as follows:

Team VeryGames 140 points
CKRAS Gaming 127 points
apeX.eSports 110 points
mousesports  92 points
Reason Gaming 89 points
Copenhagen Wolves  57 points
xoxo  55 points
mTw  52 points
FM! TOXIC  33 points
10  FM!Sapphire  24 points

Without many more LANs left this year but Northcon and XLParty, the rank isnt expected to move to much for the coming month, but stay tuned to reason-gaming.net to see how it turns out.

To view the experts comments and views from the community head over to Cadred.org.

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