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Reason.CSS Qualified for ESWC

written by Archived Data September 22, 2011

After 3 days of competition, the ESL ESWC Qualifier has finally ended, and 4 teams have earned a spot at ESWC 2011 to be held this year at Paris Games Week, with a total of prize pot of $22,000, and a total of 12 teams.

The qualifier surely attracted the majority of the European elite, excepting the Finns from Virus Gaming, who had received a direct invite, and decided not to take part on the tournament.

Reason started the competition against the British side VYE on Round 2, coming out on top with a 16-3 score, next up would be otstrel.ru on round 3, a match our guys won in convincing fashion with a 16-4 score.

Second day of competition would see our guys facing off Team Alternate on round 4, a match that proved to be an exciting one, as the teams had to play an overtime to determine who would advance to Round 5, at the end, it was our team who managed to claim the win, with a 19-17 score.

Next up would be the German/British lineup from mTw, one of the favorites to take home the 1st place, but, our team managed to seal the deal with a 16-3 score on de_train, with some amazing AWP action.

Third and last day of the qualifiers would see Reason face off their countrymen from CKRAS in a nail biting match to determine 1st place, after an awesome match, an overtime was needed to decide the winner, this time around, CKRAS proved too strong, and managed to take home the victory, with a 19-17 score.

Last match of the qualifier would see Reason facing off mTw for the 2nd time in two days, this time around, to determine who would take 2nd place. Once again, our guys proved too strong and managed to take the win with a convincing 16-8 score.

The qualified teams are:

CKRAS Gaming

 Reason Gaming


Team DSRack 

This means Reason-Gaming will be present at this year’s ESWC CSS tournament, where they will face the likes of Virus Gaming, CKRAS, VeryGames and Dynamic, just to name a few.

Since CKRAS had already received an invite, that inviite will now be handed out to another lucky team, which is yet to be announced.

Stay tuned to reason-gaming.net for further news regarding what is set to be the biggest CSS event of the year.

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