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Reason.CSS over Team CRG in EMS Season IX

written by Archived Data December 2, 2011

Our Danish CS:S squad continues with heir great performance at EMS Season IX as they have managed to take their 2nd victory in the tournament after beating the British guys from Team CRG on de_nuke with a 16-11 score.

This victory puts our team at the top of Group D, with 6 points in just 2 matches, tied with Team Thermaltake, FM Toxic, Sypher and Team CRG, all with 6 points as well, but more matches played. In the last position of the groups we find the Danes from ISAF who haven’t managed to collect a single point in 4 matches.

Our next rivals are the French guys from Team Sypher, so stay tuned to reason-gaming.net for further updated on results and standings from EMS Season IX.

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