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Reason.CoD 4 at Epic LAN 8

written by Archived Data February 17, 2012

Epic LAN’s 8th installment will be running from today all up to Sunday, and our Brittish CoD 4 team will be attending for the chance at winning their share of the £2500 up for grabs. Epic LAN 8 will also be the first time you will be able to watch our team performing online.

The tournament will be a real test for our team considering some international teams such as the Finns from Team ESPC or the Czech guys from TCM Gaming have decided to make the trip to England, still, our team is confident they can end in a good placing.

The LAN event is set to start today, but the groupstage of the tournament will start tomorrow, unfortunately, groups have not yet been announced, but as soona s those are out, we will be sure to inform you about it.

We managed to secure some words from our CoD 4 player Kyle “smiffy” Smith:

Well our first LAN under the Reason tag is finally here. We’ve had a hard time recently with a lack of practice thanks to a few factors but we’re confident. We’re all looking forward to arriving and setting up on the Thursday and beginning the group games on Friday. We’ll be recording alot of footage of our games and other things we get upto so look forward too all the coverage we provide after the LAN too! A big thanks to Razer, VeryGames, Rocketfuel, Gamersuniform and our management and friends for their ongoing sponsorship and support! See you at LAN!!!


Lower Bracket Round 1:

Reason Gaming [01][02] Next Evolution

Upper Bracket Round 1:

Reason Gaming [00][02] TCM Gaming

Group Stage:

Fragmasters – 12 pts

Next Evolution – 9 pts

Team Zephyr – 6 pts

Reason Gaming – 3 pts

Team Phys1x – 0 pts

Groupstage Round 1:

Fragmasters vs. Reason Gaming 2 – 0
Team Zephyr vs. Next Evolution 1 – 2

Groupstage Round 2:

Fragmasters vs. Next Evolution 2 – 0
Team Zephyr vs. Team Phys1x 2 – 1

Groupstage Round 3:

Reason Gaming vs. Team Zephyr 0 – 2
Next Evolution vs. Team Phys1x 2 – 0

Groupstage Round 4:

Fragmasters vs. Team Phys1x 2 – 0
Reason Gaming vs. Next Evolution 0 – 2

Groupstage Round 5:

Fragmasters vs. Team Zephyr 2 – 0
Reason Gaming vs. Team Phys1x 2 – 1



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