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Reason behind the Madness!

written by Archived Data March 15, 2014

1. So your boy’s last match was against Meet Your Makers, what were the expectations going into the match?

“We expected to have a game which would be back and forth if Trashy in the jungle didn’t get great ganks off early game, or if botlane was just even. It turned out that Trashy as per usual made some great plays on Lee Sin, at one point knocking 3 of Mouz up and turning the fight to an easy clean-up.”

2. Did the team prepare anything special for the match? Or was the focus in your practice time on playing standard?

Not really, we just played what we thought would be best against them, we went for more of a pick comp for the first game to just blow people up once we got ahead.”

3. Going into game 1, what were your goals going into the picks and bans and did you achieve them?

“We didn’t really have a goal aside from taking LeBlanc away from Takefun, as well as not giving them Lulu because we just didn’t want to deal with her immense teamfight and lane dominance.”

4. The game was very back and forth for a long time, what was the turning point in the game for you?

“To be honest, it was a combination of the efforts from Trashy to pick people off all game as well as the play all over the map at around 35minutes in, after we picked up Jax botlane we caught Mouz in a perfect position around the Baron wall, combining our ults together to turn what looked like a free kill on Jax into a 4-0 trade as well as the Baron buff.”

5. Having won game 1, how does momentum affect your strategy moving into the next game?

“It had great effect, we felt like we were just that one step closer from reaching the Challenger Playoffs and being given the opportunity we hadn’t had last split where we couldn’t advance past the R08, and we weren’t about to let that opportunity slip past us a second time.”

6. Similar to game 1, this game had a lot of back and forth. What allowed you to break open the game and get a lead?

“The breaking point was when we caught Jax at their red buff, which escalated into a teamfight that gave us a 5-1 trade, as well as opening the middle inhibitor for later on. That really snapped the game in half and gave us the confidence to push on for the win.”

7. So now that you’ve won, what comes next for the team? Are you guys confident moving into the next match?

“Now that Ninjas in Pyjamas has won their game against Gamers 2 we are into the Challenger Playoffs, which we hope to continue the same performance with the support of the fans. We’ll be facing up against NIP in the next game and we’re confident we can bring our A-game to this match.”

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