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Reason behind the Madness: Lulu

written by Archived Data February 23, 2014

With the 3.14 patch introduced for the 2014 season, Riot’s intention was to give Support champions extra scaling which they could use their new found gold income to utilise. It has altered the viability of some of the common botlane supports, but one new side effect is that high level players have been experimenting with support champions in other roles. One such champion is Lulu, The Fae Sorceress who is seeing use as a Mid Lane AP Carry.


Lulu is a high mobility champion with a multitude of tools to keep her safe in the midlane. With a kit that lends itself to being a ranged lane bully, on top of being very hard to gank with her multitude of defensive spells she can lane against almost any other champion and come out even, if not ahead in the matchup. This is because, in addition to her safety from defensive spells she has the ability to lay down a lot of poke in the lane, with the use of her Auto Attacks (which with her passive scale with Ability Power), Glitter lance and offensive Help, Pix! casts making her a brilliant pick against melee laners.

Lulu works well if she is picked into a team comp that has another hard carry with no escape, Jinx is a good example as high amounts of damage come with the trade off of low mobility, but Lulu can Shield her, increase her health with an AoE knockup, speed her up or polymorph the opponent for a smooth escape.

So, to use Lulu in the Midlane, Chres recommends taking standard AP Carry runes, swapping out the Magic Resistance for Cooldown Reduction if you are looking to really bully your lane opponent, along with the standard 21/9/0 AP carry masteries. In lane you will need to manage your mana effectively until you get a Chalice or other mana item, being careful to always have enough mana to escape from a gank. Try and balance between using Help, Pix! offensively to combo with Glitterlance and using it defensively to soak up damage.

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