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Na’Vi wins Adepto BH Open

written by Archived Data June 26, 2011

NaVi wins Adepto BH

The Ukrainians  keep dominating the scene, as once more, they managed to win a tournament, this time Adepto BH Open, held in Sarajevo, featuring mainly Balkan teams, with the exception of the Swedes from Fnatic.

The tournament, featuring 10,500 Euros in prizes, attracted many local fans to the venue, in order to watch their favorite players, and to support their local teams, which failed to make it out of the Quarter Finals.

Winning the matches wasn’t much hassle for the Ukrainians, but getting Bosnia was, It took the Ukrainians 3 days to get to Sarajevo, as they were stopped firstly in Kiev, when they were set to board their plane to Vienna, from where they would flight to Bosnian capital. But it didn’t end there, as they were also stopped in Vienna, and later on, in Sarajevo, where they required the help of the Ukrainian ambassador to enter the country.

The tournament had some minimal delays due to internet connection on the first day, but the next 2 days developed without much problems, and without surprises, the main favorites, NaVi, Fnatic, and the Balkan top teams, BGD Online  from Serbia and HSBG from Bulgaria made it to the semifinals

In the semifinals, the Ukrainians managed to overcome the Bulgarians, and the Swedes managed to take down the Serbians, this meant that the two favorites to take home the money would face in the final, while the two Balkan teams would fight for the 1,500 Euros of the third place.

In the third place decider, the Bulgarians continued with their dominance in the Balkan scene, and managed to take home the 1,500 Euros after a hard battle.

In the final, Na’Vi managed to overcome Fnatic with a 2-0 overall score, with an impressive 16-0 score on the second map, de_tuscan, meaning they would once again take home the big prize, continuing with their scene domination.

The final standings were as follows:

Natus Vincere – €6,000
fnatic – €3,000

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