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NASL Season 2 ready to kick-off !

written by Archived Data October 6, 2011

NASL Season 2 HoN competition is ready to start, as 8 teams are ready for the pre-season Showmatches, which will run from October 6th through to October 9th, with 1000$ handed out to the winner of each showmatch.

After the pre-season matches, the regular season will start, which will run from October the 13 all up to November 27th, with the top 4 teams of the regular season getting a spot at the Grand Finals to be held from December the 2nd through to December the 4th, with a 40,000$ prize pot.

The list of team which will be participating at the North American Star League season 2 is as follows:

 compLexity – AMXZaku, PAINTITGOLD, jaH, Kiwikid, se’busca, sLICKz, Tarano
 FnaticMSI – Fly, Trixi, N0tail, NoVa_, Freshpro
 Reason Gaming – strangby, giftig, Brodholm, eresloco, HmmpZ
 Trademark – Swindlemelonzz, Tralfamadore, TKOlol, Sender, Kebap, Black
 Online Kingdom – H4nn1, Loda, Akke, Mag1x, Powzilla
 Lions eSports – Mynuts, s4, Era, Fittske, Skyzoe
 Team EZ – Chu, AngryTestie, Bdiz, Yoda, Semijew
 Team Infused.tt – XoYnoZnU, Buch, AstonL, FearTheZap, Peterpandam´╗┐

The first showmatch, to be held today, will see compLexity face off Team EZ, with the winner taking home 1000$, all being streamed on the NASL Season 2 stream.

Stay tuned to reason-gaming.net as we will bring you more info regarding NASL Season 2 as it progresses.


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