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written by Archived Data September 4, 2012

Over the next few days we’ll be bringing you interviews with the management team of RnR eSports. These interviews are here to introduce you to the management team on a more personal level than just where they have worked and what have they done. RnR’s management team consists of Adam “Damage” Parkins, Adam “Blanks” Heath, Ryan “Arky” Kingsley and Joe “RCN” Tuley, each interview is a small insight into their gaming and eSports history, personal life, and job within RnR eSports.


Adam “Blanks” Heath, Managing Director:

“I have always had an entrepreneurial flare from a very young age, so after giving up on my GSP idea, being involved in just Rasta (despite it being a lot of work) didn’t satisfy me…”

Link: http://www.reason-gaming.net/articles/Features/Reason-Gaming/184/Meet-the-management-Blanks/


Adam “Damage” Parkins, Sales Director:

I feel really positive about the addition of Reason Gaming...”

Link: http://www.reason-gaming.net/articles/Features/Reason-Gaming/185/Meet-the-management-Damage/


Joe “RCN” Tuley, Marketing Director:

“I couldn’t wait to get stuck into Reason & RNR Esports

Link: http://www.reason-gaming.net/articles/Features/Reason-Gaming/186/Meet-the-management-RCN/


Ryan “Arky” Kingsley, Operations Director:

“Myself and Damage wanted to make a start on changing the way people viewed the UK online gaming scene”

Link: http://www.reason-gaming.net/articles/Features/Reason-Gaming/192/Meet-the-management-Arky/

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