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kauP loses in ESL Go4SC2 Cup #143 1/4 finals

written by Archived Data October 19, 2011

Our German terran player Alexander ‘kauP’ Hahn participated today in the ESL Go4SC2 Cup #143 which took place today, where he managed to make it up to the Quarter Finals, where he unfortunately lost to French protoss RiSK  with a 1-2 scoreline.

The results from kauP can be found below:

Reason.kauP 1  0    Cornelius 
Reason.kauP 1 0  MotherTereza
Reason.kauP 1 0  ImgAlwaysLame 
Reason.kauP 1 0  ESC.Jaxx 
Reason.kauP 1 0  Oo.Nigam
Reason.kauP 1 2  RiSK


This marks yet another great run for our recent addition, so stay tuned to reason-gaming.net to follow the progress of our young talent.

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