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written by Archived Data December 19, 2013

Important Information

When: 21st – 23nd December
Where: Reykjavik, Iceland.

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Icelandic Starleague


The Venue


Prize Pool & Tournament Structure

Entry Price: 15 US Dollars
Prize Pool: 70 US Dollars
Tournament type: Invite Only
Amount of players: 12


Live Updates

Day One

  • Event Starts
  • Groups have been released – http://sc.1337.is/index.php?division_id=26
  • Kaldi has been placed with Zarathra and Kruder in group B 
  • First game kicks off against Zarathra
  • Map 1 lasts 1 hour after Kruder died to the zergling preasure. Kaldi takes the lead
  • Map 2 is star station,Kaldi  manages to push an overload in and scouts the Zarathras hellbat tank. He builds a roach queen composition in response and manages to hold of the game to take series and the game
  • In Group B Kaldi is Drawing with Zarathra in joint first place with Kruder in last
  • The second game is about to kick off now against Kruder let’s see if Kaldi can keep the momentum
  • Map 1 goes off to a flying start with Kaldi maxing out his 2 base tactic and takes the first map 1-0
  • Map 2 Kaldi maxed out his 4 bases and killed the terran mech army with his roach hydra setup 2-0
  • Group stages are now over
  • Day one is now over

Day Two

  • Day two kicks off with the bracket stages being announced
  • Our zerg player Kaldi will face TurboDrake in bracket, TurboDrake is a high master protoss player
  • Map 1 saw TurboDrake harassed Kaldis bases but Kaldis setup was stronger and he managed to defend and counter the constant attacks with a roach hydra composition to take the win.
  • Map 2 saw TurboDrake went for a cannon rush which left Kaldi behind and won TurboDrake the game after 16 minutes of a gateway army vs roach battle
  • Map 3 saw TurboDrake go for the blink allin tactic which our zerg player managed to scout and defend to take home map 3 and the overall series 2-1
  • Kaldi is now through to the final 4 of the tournament
  • Kaldi will now place Zarathra again in the semi-finals.
  • Map 1 sees both players opening up with a passive macro. Kaldi goes into a roach hydra viper timing attack vs zarathras tank thor composition. Kaldi just manages to break him to take the series to 1-0
  • Map 2 sees Kaldi opening up with an aggressive roach tactic while Zarathra opens up with a fast tank tactic. The game lasts 30 minutes with small attacks but Kaldi manages to win to take the series 2-0.
  • The event decides to finish the event which will take the finals until the early hours of the morning
  • Kaldi will face Baharoth a High-Master Terran player and the final will be a best of 5 series.

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