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i50: Kaldi SC2

written by Archived Data November 29, 2013

Insomnia 50 Plantronics Gaming Starcraft 2 Cup

Today also insomnia50 will kick off in Telford International Centre. UK’s biggest gaming festival will take place from Nov. 29th till 2nd of Dec.. It’s an anniversary as it is the 50th edition of the famous UK LAN.

The LAN will feature, besides some other games, the “Plantronics Gaming Starcraft 2 Cup”. Together with 24 other gamers, our Icelandic Starcraft player ‘Kaldi’ will fight for the up to 3,000 pounds prize-money.


Kaldi is placed in group A:

[R]Kaldi – dTefel – Sabre – wlfz – Aicy – AMJS – Puppet

Results and groups: http://insomniagamingfestival.com/i50/tournaments/event/starcraft-2/standings/

Schedule: http://insomniagamingfestival.com/i50/tournaments/event/starcraft-2/fixtures/

Results and updates:

tom.czns (Aicy.796)  2 vs 1  kaldi (Kaldi.632)
lucas44 (dTefel.502)  2 vs 0  kaldi (Kaldi.632)
kaldi (Kaldi.632)  2 vs 0  wcdhalsey (Puppet.255)
kaldi (Kaldi.632)  2 vs 1  amjstyles (AMJS.492)
kaldi (Kaldi.632)  2 vs 0  joao.cicio (wlfz#145)
kaldi (Kaldi.632)  2 vs 1  Sabre (Sabre.109)

Broadcast: http://insomniagamingfestival.com/live/

Kaldi won his groupstage with 4-2 and will advance to the brackets facing Revolution next!

Playoffs bracket

dTefel (2) 
vs.dTefel (2)
Lau (1)vs.
Revolution (1)Kaldi (0)
Kaldi (2) 

Kaldi won his first match against Revolution but lost 0-2 against dTefel in the Ro8.
After stepping down to the Lower Bracket, Kaldi lost his first match against Simba 1-2.

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