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HoN Tour Cycle 6

written by Archived Data December 4, 2014

The Reason-Gaming Heroes of Newerth team will be facing the best teams in Europe in the upcoming HoN Tour Diamond Cycle 6. After an unfortunate run of events in Cycle 4 the team dropped down to Gold. Now off the bat of going undefeated through Cycle 5 and getting promoted to diamond again and winning the recent 5v5 cup #8 the team look set to do well in the coming tournament.


Z4NE had this to say:

So Cycle 4 was the Cycle we dropped from Diamond Divison to Gold Divison, but not because we played bad. In the first round we were matched up against Bad Monkey Gaming, the #3 ranked team at that point and lost, they took us out 2-0. Then in the losers bracket first match we were matched up against Willowkeeper which were ranked 2nd place (Willowkeeper took a defeat against Dawn, the team that came to diamond from gold that Cycle). So in the end it came down to an unfortunate bracket that we had and also some bad plays, but overall we played fine. After spending Cycle 5 in Gold and succesfully going to Diamond Division again; we scrimmed alot and won the 5v5 Cup #8, finishing first place after taking out Nullstone Gaming 2-0, the number two team at that point and Sync Esports the #1 Team. Now for the next Cycle coming up this weekend, we’re looking to finish atleast top 4 but our aim is finishing 2nd or 1st.


Games start on Saturday the 6th of December with the rounds of 8 starting at 17:00 gmt where we will face Nullstone Gaming. Be sure to check out the event stream over at Honcast.com

For more information here are links to the HoN Tour website and the brackets for Saturday’s games



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