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Groups for EMS One Katowice

written by Archived Data March 6, 2014

The groups for the much anticipated EMS One Katowice were released last night and we got the first glimpse of who we will be playing at the start of this $250,000 event.


Full video of the groups being drawn


We find ourselves in Group C along with Swedish team and Dreamhack 2013 champions, Fnatic, American side iBUYPOWER and a second all-Danish lineup, Team Dignitas. 

EMS One Katowice Groups

Group A Group B
Titan NiP
ex-AD LDLC.com
mousesports Vox Eminor
Virtus.pro 3DMAX
Group C Group D
Fnatic CompLexity
Dignitas LGB eSports
Reason Gaming Clan-Mystik


Looking at community feedback there are mixed reviews about how this group will turnout but on average people seem to think that we will place in the top 3 (stats gathered from HLTV.org). With Dreamhack winners, Fnatic, in the group one thing is for sure, the group has its challenges.



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