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Gronors joins our Dota2 team

written by Archived Data January 12, 2014

Since Infernokoi left the team, DreadKnight has been busy looking for a replacement and trialing for the carry position. After quite a few days and nights scrimming with viable trialists, the decision to recruit Gronors was made easy. Gronors & everyone on the team are happy with the choice and here at Reason we look forward to see how the team plays at epic.lan 12.

Gronors said

“I have been playing ARTS’s for 3-4 years, I started with HoN and played with Tyrox and Richie from Infused, then transitioned to Dota2 with all my friends. We made a team with Tyrox, Richie, Elya and Tone (the current Infused roster except for Cook) but I had some real life issues and had to stop playing competitively for a while, I have been looking for a Dota2 team ever since so I could return to the game.

I played as a stand-in for SdS at i50 and we got 4th position, I also met all the Reason Gaming guys there.

When DreadKnight lost a carry player he asked me to trial and I was glad to step in, we worked well together so I got recruited. I’m happy to be a part of Reason and am looking forward to playing with the team and competing in LANs!”

Kieran “DreadKnight” Ghataora said

“We’re very happy that we were able to find Gronors in such a short time after Inferno left, I think Gronors makes us a more formidable team and I can’t wait to compete at epic LAN and i51″

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