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written by Archived Data November 21, 2012

The Reason Female CSGO team is strengthening their ranks with two very lovely German ladies. Read the statements below from the new players JeNnY and Äliz – We give them a warm welcome and wish all the ladies the best of luck!

Statement from Jennifer ‘JeNnY’ Dziersan:

“Formerly a player of n! Faculty JustGirls, I decided to change my goal by joining Reason Gaming. Playing with players from other countries and communicating in English is something new for me, but I am very motivated and have confidence in my new mates. Thankfully I’m not starting this new adventure alone, I have my friend Alice who joined this team too and we’ll try to help each other. I know that everybody will help us to integrate quickly within the team and that we will all improve very fast.”

Statement from Alice ‘äliz’ Bielawski:

“I’m very excited about being now a part of Reason Gaming and i’m very happy to play with the girls. This team has a big potential and we will need to work efficiently to fully use it. Overall I’m looking forward to play for this great organisation on several events and I hope we’ll do good results because I think we are totally able to.”

Statement from Abigail ‘Abiii’ Glover (Captain):

“We are very excited that Jenny and Alice are now a part of Reason Gaming! After the surprising news last week from our previous players, there was not a doubt in our minds that we wouldn’t continue on together as a team! We began to think about who we were able to potentially ask, and our first thoughts turned to Jenny and Alice! After a little bit of persuasion they were happy to come on board with us! Although it will take some work on our communication as a team, the two ladies are very motivated and have great skill and aim to bring to the team! It’s very refreshing to have their new ideas on board; With a mixture of our style of play along with theirs, we strongly believe that this new combination is going to be powerful!”


Reason Female CS:GO:

 Abigail “Abiii” Glover

 Kaat “Kaat” Vanhulle

 Mathilde “Sephi” Koenig

 Alice “äliz” Bielawski

 Jennifer “JeNnY” Dziersan

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