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Calling all heroes!

written by Archived Data July 27, 2014

We are very pleased to announce we are once again breaking ground in the USA and returning to the Infinite Crisis scene. 3 of the players have played together for while now and their 4th is settling in nicely. They have been hit with a string of bad luck with holding on to a 5th player but they are in the process of trialing people once more.

Our new American Infinite Crisis team is:

Ian “Daguel Garcia – Jungler
Jacob “Idybtyknight” Wilcynski – Adc
Micheal “Soundbyte” Nguyen – Mid
Ciaran “Fantumn” Kelahan – Support

With strong finishes in the weekly and monthly tournaments without a regular 5th player we are confident that this teams future is very bright once that final spot if filled.

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