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An Adventure into Newerth

written by Archived Data July 28, 2013

Reason Gaming are excited to announce that we have begun competing in the burgeoning Heroes of Newerth scene, there has been no HoN team associated with Reason since [REA] disbanded some time ago and the state of the game has changed much since those days. No longer is the scene dominated by ex-Dota pros competing in whatever cups had been thrown together at the time, now HoNTour leads the scene giving a reason for teams to form and play together in a more serious manner than ever before.

Reason Gaming manager Adam “Blanks” Heath had the following to say, ‘I have always loved HoN as a game and have long wanted to attach the [REA] tag to a worthy team of players who can bring our organisation pride and who we can support where possible. It brings me joy to finally be able to support the competitive scene of Heroes of Newerth by representing a team of solid individual players who will no doubt form a strong team.’

It is with great pleasure we attach the Reason tag to: 

Frederik “Effy” Jacobsen
Sanel “Architiger” Talic
Jesper “Nahoy” Birgersson
Nikolai “IGGB” understrup
Jacob “Frosty” Näsman


Team captain ‘Effy‘ had this to say,

‘Joining an organisation like Reason Gaming is something that would make any gamer proud. The ‘Rea’-tag has always been respected and acknowledged, and we will do ours to make it stay that way. We are honored to represent the hondivision, and all of us are dedicated towards showing the results, that we are now responsible for.
We’re excited, dedicated and ready!’

We at Reason are happy to mirror your excitement and dedication as we welcome you into the fold, wear your tag with pride,

Will “Puppet” Halsey

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