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A Look at LoL Patch 4.6

written by Archived Data April 29, 2014

Last Tuesday, the League of Legends 4.6 patch went live.  While it is a smaller patch than most, there are still some very important things to look at.

The most important thing about this patch is that it is the one that the upcoming All-Stars event will be played on.  4.6’s competitive debut will be on one of the biggest international stages.  With that in mind, we will be able to see adaptions to this patch from every region.  


The Twitch visual rework went live on this patch, giving him a new voice, model and effects.  Being one of the original characters added into the game, Twitch finally gets his deserved visual update.

Looking forward, Riot has plans for a Skarner rework in the mix along with many others.

Champion Buffs/Nerfs:

There are a few big changes that happened to Kassadin and Rumble this patch:



MOVEMENT SPEED: 340 –> 350

MANA PER LEVEL: 45 –> 70

Q – Null Sphere

MAGIC SHIELD: 40/70/100/130/160 (+0.3 AP) –> 40/80/120/60/200 (+0.8 AP)

W – Nether Blade

ACTIVE DAMAGE: 40/65/90/115/140 (+0.6 AP) –> 40/75/110/145/180 (+0.7 AP)

One of Kassadin’s problems before this patch was that he tended to be bullied quite a bit by the more common mids such as Orianna or Ziggs. With the big buff to the AP ratio on his shield, he can get out of that bullying phase much quicker and into his damage peak much quicker, without being put at risk for nearly as long in the early game.  In addition to this, his mana per level is being nearly doubled, this also helps him reach his damage peak much quicker, and allows for more aggressive play having a bigger mana pool to draw for.

Look for Kassadin to be a heavily contested pick at the upcoming AllStars event.



W – Scrap Shield



E – Electro Harpoon



Rumble’s passive, the Danger Zone allows for experienced Rumble players to utilize these bonuses while carefully maintaining his Danger Zone bar.  These buffs will reward players who can do this effectively even more.

Look for players like C9’s Balls to pick up Rumble again and wreak havoc.


Items and Summoner Spell Changes:

Prior to patch 4.6, the Heal summoner spell and Wriggle’s Lantern were seeing large amounts of use and were considered to be slightly OP, so Riot has toned them down a bit to bring them in line with other items and spells.

Wriggle’s Lantern:

TOTAL COST: 1650 Gold –> 1800 Gold

FERAL FLARE TRANSFORMATION: 25 Large monster kills –> 30 Large monster kills

Prior to this patch, Feral Flare junglers such as Nocturne, Shyvana and Warwick were ignoring the map and focusing solely on farming.  The issue being that the bonuses that Feral Flare provide with the magic damage and life on hit were too easily and safely achieved.  Along with having an extremely safe method of reaching an extremely powerful item, it was also being reached a bit too fast.  So Riot increased some of the pre-requisites.  

Look for Feral Flare junglers to still be popular, but now it will not be the best or only option.


 Summoner Heal:

MULTI-HEAL DEBUFF: Heal is 50% less effective on allies previously healed within the past 35 seconds.  This debuff only applies when an ally has been healed by the Summoner Spell Heal. 

With the new changes to Heal in 4.5, it became the go to summoner for almost every role, which led to teams bringing 3-4 summoner heals every game, making the other summoner spells irrelevant.  The goal with these changes were to restore the versatility of summoner spells.

Expect summoner heal to still be picked up by ADCs and some Mid Laners, the potentcy is still there, only the Heal stacking was nerfed.


To check out the complete patch notes head over to:



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