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Copenhagen Games invite spot!

written by Michael Moriarty March 20, 2015


Come the 2nd of April, Copenhagen Games will start. We were already planning to go to this event and had everything booked and ready, then the organisers of the event graced us we an invite to main tournament meaning we don’t have to battle through the first day of group stages.  Reason is part of the 16 teams which are to go straight into the 3rd GSL Group stage at the the event, who will play off against 16 other teams who qualified through two previous group stages to get there. This round is a Best of Three, and is drawn at 10am CET on the Friday.

copenhagen games building

For a relatively new team on the scene, this invite is a great honour for our team to have and confirmation of their potential – they’ve been invited to play at a major tournament, without a need to go through lots of qualifying stages. Wish them all good luck people!

Copenhagen Games website: http://copenhagengames.com/

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